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Valentine’s day lookbook


Painting Nairobi red; a late Valentine’s day post

Hi Loves,

It’s that time of the year again. The Cherubs are happy and love is in the air.

I know we are like a couple of days late on the post-but who is asking? Love is an everyday feelin’. Innit?

The past few years, I have been out of town on Valentine’s Day. Floating from one castle on the hill to the next.

Running from one lighthouse to the next. Sunning myself like a manatee and finally returning home to while the year away with the memories.

This year however I will be home. And for a good reason.

The past couple of months, I have been working on something totally dear to me and that which I hope you will love and cherish.

You might want to bookmark this page for the announcement next week.

That aside, it would be unbecoming of me if I did participate in the Valentine’s day’s shenanigans.

It would be me killing a tradition that I have come to love so much. And we all know I’m a good person who loves cats

This year, I had little shindig at the Raddison Blu Hotel. It is that totally majestic hotel in upper hill. A piece of Kenyan magic that I wish everyone could experience.

When I was there, I took a couple of images- for your entertainment.

Look 1: Thigh-high booties and a buttoned number because love is a war. 


Dress – House Of CB Boots – Asos UK | Topshop


Look 2: A little night-out on Valentine’s day. I love this little water-fall-ish goodness. It is scintillating.


Look 1 Dress – Chic Chateau, Diamond Plaza, Nairobi Shoes- Christian Louboutin


Look 3: A little laid back look for when you invite me to your balls. 


Dress – Chic Chateau, Diamond Plaza, Nairobi Shoes – Manolo Blahnik Belt – Zara