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We hit 50k Subscribers!

So, we just hit 50k subscribers!

You guessed right, the excitement is palpable!

Two years ago, I started this channel from a corner of my living room. It was a dream come true.

Zero subscribers.

My first video was Summer in London and to be totally honest, I had no idea what I had just started.

Youtube was a space where viewers were in a constant search for drama and kerfuffle and gossip. And I was here making videos about my Chanel bags. Haha!

I was quickly written off. A cadre of my now former friends said I was a spoilt housewife looking for an outlet to show my family wealth.
Such bitterness.

At some point, one of them who is still in the trenches as we speak said I was Trash. We shall be talking about that in a different post.

From my first video, I soldiered on, like a Haitian typhoon. Undeterred.

And along the way it has been bittersweet. Like a properly whipped Cinquecento.

And in those two short years I have seen my name dragged in the muck on some third-rate gossip low-budget websites.

Take it a notch higher this year, upstarts.

In those two years I have won a handful of awards and graced some of the biggest papers in town.

In those two years I have learnt a great deal and gotten better at it. New stuff is coming soon. I promise.

Although I’m still far from what I dream of becoming, I have made tremendous progress in my own right.

I’m sure there are guys who began the same time I did and have clocked 100k plus subscribers.

Atta boys and girls!

We are treading different waters.

A special thanks to the growing family. From here it can only get bigger and better.

I appreciate the criticism, the bile, the hate and the nonchalance.

After all, would there be diamonds without the heat and the pressure?

100k Subscribers is that you?

100k Subscribers is that you?


I recently lost my Instagram account so if you have been following me for whatever reason, let’s reconnect at Officialsonalkotakmaherali

Love and lite.