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My shoe line is finally here!!

I’m sure if you keep tabs with me. You know I made a huge announcement last Friday.  Something very dear to me finally came true and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Last year, I launched the very first of its kind in Kenya Luxury line. I would say Africa but for the risk of pushing it, I will be modest and a little less high-falutin.

The very first collection was a special brand of tee-shirts loaded with beautiful nuances from the African wild.

There was the Salmon Warrior, Love Africa, the Risque business, The Mighty lion, Dancing Lion, Fearless Windows and Sauve winds.

It was the first step into lessons on life, business and growth.

And what a dizzying kaleidoscope of emotions it’s been! Late nights and early mornings.

I know first-time business owners feel me. The fears of business stalling coupled with the near-manic desire to make it work is enough to send you careening off the edge.

Anyway, once you keep moving you can’t stop. My team of worker bees and I are delighted-scratch that- elated to announce our new limited edition collection of shoes.

The limited edition of heels and loafers- dubbed the Simba Hills and Simba Plains respectively- you will see, has been made from the very best materials, to ensure that that extra pep in your step is a luxurious as can be.

The Simba Plains

The Simba plain; an exquisite loafer with our signature gold sole and lion logo. You are guaranteed to love it.

The Simba plain; an exquisite loafer with our signature gold sole and lion logo. You are guaranteed to love it.



The Simba hills 


Our limited edition heels are a guaranteed head-turner. Featuring a beautiful lion logo juxtaposed against a deep, true black. You will love these. We promise.



Decked in these, it will be like walking on clouds of delight. Just like you deserve.

Judging from the reviews on our last collection, it would be sacrilegious to tip off the hat without sending a hearty thank you to everyone that shopped, liked, prayed and sent kind words my way.

You are a sport. The bees knees. And I appreciate your support so very much.

You can order for the shoes from our website:

Place an order for Simba Hills

Place an order for Simba Plains 

You can also shop via our Instagram @shop_sonalmaherali. We deliver worldwide.