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7 weeks postpartum in these pictures and celebrating it with bling.

If you’re a new mom you will know all too well how each month that passes by is a victory.

A victory in raising and nurturing your child for another month and feeling proud and content.

A victory for all the sacrifice that goes into looking after that one tiny being who is completely dependant on you.

The sleepless nights, the long feeding hours, the cries and the smiles that make every thing worthwhile.

A victory for looking after yourself and other family members whose lives are your focal point.

To celebrate your beautiful body and how far its come, with all its perfect imperfections

To celebrate us ” The shape of a mother”

And what a beautiful shape that is.

Dress up, sparkle if you want and shine bright because without your light there will be no light in their lives.

Lets celebrate ourselves we are victorious, we make it all happen.

To all the beautiful mothers, let your light shine.

Love Sonal xx
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