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Nautical by nature

The nautical look is one of those ageless trends that seem to come back every few years.

And with good reason! The look is classic and flattering.

Nautical colours include navy, white, red and orange.

These colours when paired together the look becomes unmistakable.

Start by picking out your primary colour in either red or navy.

Chose either white or khaki for your bottom colour.

Once your colour palette is selected you then start building your style.

This look is all about stripes and structure.

Pick one piece and take it from there.

Navy and white stripes are the most iconic staples for a classic look.

You can dress down or up whichever your mood.

I went for a navy and white striped cropped blouse paired with white denim and classic navy “So Kate” heels.

Its easy to go overboard with this look so be careful.

Add accessories such as a anchor bracelet or boat shoes but don’t go overboard.

Less is more.

I always prefer a clean simple and sophisticated look.

Remember elegance is in the attitude.

Its time to drop your anchors ladies, lets get nautical !




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