Made it to the Forbes!

There is absolutely no harm in a girl who’s been on the come-up tooting her horn.

There is absolutely no issue with such a girl patting herself on the back. Or throwing back a tall pitcher of a celebratory maroon!

Especially for a moment like this! For a time as auspicious as this.

I made it, alongside a twaddle of other super important people (haha) to the Forbes Africa November issue, aptly dubbed “the Collectors Edition”.

It is an edition you need to cop.  To read on who Forbes has baptized;  the “African Afficionados” and the clockwork that makes them tick.

If you follow up on my tales, get you copy and give it a read. It’s already hit the shelves and ready for your lap.


I would also love to hear what you think. So let me know in the comments section.

As usual,

Love & Lite.

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