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Leather Fever

The redundancy of some trends may be annoying at times but you know those trends we never get enough of?

The ones we never get tired of doing? Such is the case of leather pants trend.

Long gone are those days when this trend was a ” bikers only” and  a “rock chic” staple.

Today not only have we made it casual evening, but any season, any style any look appropriate.

Its  all about finding the right pair of leather pants with the right cut and style to fit your body type.

The key is to match them with a top and shoes to get that effortless polished look.


For me i think its the skinny leather pants style that works best.

Its easier to pull of, snugs in the right places, polished and makes it easier to play with shapes.

I like to pair leather pants with oversized sweaters, tops, tees & shirts.

Frankly anything looks good paired with sexy leather pants.


Not convinced? Slap on a pair and see!

Instant hotness, confidence and a sexy sleek vibe will be all over you.


Stilettos are my favourite to pair with these, but ankle boots, ballet flats, chunky heels and boots all add to the sexiness.

Be careful and avoid making them overly sexy. I mean they already are so balancing this should be key.

Play with shapes and layers, make it look effortless.

Please don’t do stripper heels, a super tight top and little leather jackets. It just isn’t classy.

Make sure it looks tasteful and fits your personality.

So will you leather pants it or not?

Heres my weekend look for drinks with a girlfriend.

Hope you like it.

Love and  Lite, Sonal xx



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