In pictures: Another week of my Saree Marathon

I have never really been with the trends. I could never keep up, unless its with the shoes and bags. I love being comfortable but I also  love standing out.  Provided  I make the rules.

Lately, I have been exploring my love for the Saree and challenging myself to a 30-day dressing marathon, discovering, figuring out and challenging myself.

I already did the first week and you can read all about it here;  A look at the first week of my 30-day dressing challenge 

  1. A Lion Queen 

This  one for times when I need to remind myself that I’m beautiful inside out.  That I’m brave. That I’m enough. That I do not need to seek validation from anyone. That I can be all that I’ve dreamt of being.

I don’t know, dressed like this I could be anywhere doing anything. Including those nice tea parties that you are yet to invite me to.



2. A boss babe 

This one for those times when I have to remind myself to boss it up.  To keep at it. To keep trusting in the process of becoming. This is how I pull up to the meetings.  This is how I plan to pull up when collecting those well-deserved accolades.  This is my outfit for when I plan to be out and about collecting the bag.



3.The diaries of a fashion rebel 

At the turn of the 20th century, and for so many years after that, leather was a symbol of rebellion and delinquency. It wasn’t  until in the  50’s when Harley Davidson popularized leather wear for women, making it chic and acceptable and pricking the notion that leather was not a woman’s dress.

Over the years, leather has become a coveted staple,  finding its way into pants, bralettes and all manners of dress. And you know what?  I’m here for it.

Dressed like this, I look like I’m going for what they said I couldn’t have.  And I am.


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4. Lady in Blue

Blue for the skies.  That vast blue expanse of  a universe we know so little about.  Blue for wisdom and trust. Blue for peace, tranquility and the mental relaxation needed to propel us to our best lives.  Oh and this black body suit I’m wearing is available for sale. You can buy it directly here ==>Risque Business Bodysuit <==. It will be shipped to your house, regardless of where you live.


5. Queen Midas 

I hope that everything I set my eyes on, turns into gold.  Like this outfit. Not literal though,  although I would never run out of space. Haha!

This reminds me of Mumbai, the sun, the gold,  the fun, the parties, the food and the people. My people.


6. Black Magic 

No voodoo here. Just a girl who loves playing dressup.  A girl who love re-jigging her sarees because normal is boring even for a normal girl.  Maybe if I substituted my red-bottoms for some boots, we could attend a Fiesta Brava together?

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7. Bollywood 

Dressed like this, I could almost hear The Thumka banging at the back of my head.  A belly dance perhaps? I kid.  This was for a variety show in Nairobi although with the proper champagne, a trip to the dance-floor would not be too far-fetched. 



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