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Choker Trend

Lets sigh for a minute! This style is absolutely fabulous!

Its bold, rich, sophisticated and elegant. Everything you want in a choker.

A trend thats been creeping back thanks to an overall 90’s resurgence.

If you will remember the thin or thick black piece of leather or velvet that is tied in a bow or not around the neck, that has the power of giving bit of grunge but also some sort of dark elegance to any outfit.

While black is the colour of choice, they now get fancier from semiprecious jewels to luxe leathers or really chic dog collars!

The thick ones are a major style statement whereas the thin ones are so sexy and feminine.

They look gorgeous with any outfit, worn on the skin or over some chunky knit sweater.

Even a basic denim jacket and t-shirt are upgraded with this personal favourite accessory or wear it to toughen up a feminine dress.

So can anybody do it, anywhere? I think so.

Wear it alone or use it as a layering piece with a long beaded necklace for a bohe’me vibe.

I also like the fact that the thin ones especially black instantly draw attention to the face, so its a style gimmick that can be played around with a lot.

You can wear your hair loose in beach waves or you can don a very polished look and it’ll be this great 90’s retro glam edgy mix.

Everyones wearing one this year, so are you ready to choke on a fab choker yet?

Grab yours asap as this tiny accessory packs on a major punch and turns even the most basic outfits into major style statements!



Kimono – Fashlore

Leggings – Zara

Top – Zara

Shoes – Giuseppe Zanotti

Clutch – Louboutin

Choker – Brandy Melville


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