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Silver Sparkle

Ever want that fresh feeling when you dress up?

I always reach out to silver, white and pale gold shades when I’m feeling a sense of fresh.

The key is to pick the right shade of silver or pale gold.

Keep your complexion in mind and try different shades to figure out which one suit you best.

I personally prefer reaching out to silver pearly shades.

Paired with off white i think it blends in well.

This colour palette screams elegance and sophistication.

There is something about pearly whites and silver that just call my name.

Here i paired two separates, wide leg trousers and a two tone silver gold sleeveless top.

I accessorised with a black clutch since the trousers have a black trim on the bottom.

Add a beautiful pearl, uncut diamond necklace and my absolute favourite Louboutin spikes that are loud and undeniable.

Heres the look, i hope you like it.

Keep it elegant, keep it stylish x



Wide leg trousers – Zara

Two tone top – Zara

Necklace – Own

Clutch – ” Louise”  by Louis Vuitton

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Earings – Koibypayal




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Nautical by nature

The nautical look is one of those ageless trends that seem to come back every few years.

And with good reason! The look is classic and flattering.

Nautical colours include navy, white, red and orange.

These colours when paired together the look becomes unmistakable.

Start by picking out your primary colour in either red or navy.

Chose either white or khaki for your bottom colour.

Once your colour palette is selected you then start building your style.

This look is all about stripes and structure.

Pick one piece and take it from there.

Navy and white stripes are the most iconic staples for a classic look.

You can dress down or up whichever your mood.

I went for a navy and white striped cropped blouse paired with white denim and classic navy “So Kate” heels.

Its easy to go overboard with this look so be careful.

Add accessories such as a anchor bracelet or boat shoes but don’t go overboard.

Less is more.

I always prefer a clean simple and sophisticated look.

Remember elegance is in the attitude.

Its time to drop your anchors ladies, lets get nautical !




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Relaxed ‘N’ Chic

Now that the sun is taking over our planet all i can think of is comfy relaxed outfits to beat the heat.

I feel relaxed and chic is the new way to go when trying to look fashionable in the blazing temperatures.

Tiny little prints,  breezy fluid fabrics, rich creamy colours, whites, electric blues, stripes and pastels.

Its like holidaying in perfect summer clothes just not on the beach yet!

You want to look feminine yet powerful.

I think the key is to make it look effortless.

You know when you want to achieve a look where you love looking like you couldn’t care less yet look like a million dollars?

Think Bomber jackets with little tiny white dresses. OR

Fluid white tops with distressed jeans.

Whether its fluid or more structured silhouettes, go for light coloured hues that are perfect for casual outfits.

Remember the play of silhouettes is the ticket to sophistication.

Here i show you how i styled a beautiful fluid white embroided top for a fun day out with the kids.

Simple, sophisticated and stylish for a mom on the go!

What are you wearing to beat the heat?

Love Sonal x


Top – Zara

Jeans – Zara

Ballerina flats – Dune



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Gold Goddess

A year older and wiser.

Its my birthday month and i feel blessed and grateful to celebrate yet another wonderful year of life.

Although a mom of four now, i still feel as young. Its all about how you feel right?

I guess i live my life feeling as young as i want to through fashion.

So for my birthday dinner i chose to wear a fun and flirty dress.

Perfect for the princess in me 🙂

A beautiful fit and flare dress with chic bonded lace and a net backed circle skirt for major volume.

The dress is beautiful.

The lace felt luxe and the lining super soft and comfortable.

It creates a definite hourglass shape and fit my body perfectly.

This is not your average fit and flare dress, so if you don’t like pouf then this might not be for you.

Its very flared and super girly.

Theres something about a gold dress that brings brown and olive skin tones to life.

I loved this dress and hope you will too.

Its perfect for wedding parties, easter and special occasions.

Here is the look x



Dress – Bebe

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Clutch – Jimmy Choo

DSC03518 DSC03524 DSC03525 (1) DSC03530 (1) DSC03535 (1) DSC03538 (1) DSC03541 (1) DSC03560 (1) DSC03579 (1) DSC03586




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Denim Diva

Denim jumpsuits are a hot trend right now.

They are timeless and classic, so you can transition them to spring and winter as well.

This trend comes from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Traditionally it was meant to be worn over or under another layer of clothing.

Whilst shopping for a denim jumpsuit, you may want to keep in mind washes, distressed versions, shaded, cut and shape that best suits you.

I personally like the slim fitted version that accentuates the body.

The best thing about a denim jumpsuit is that its an outfit on its own.

All you need are some accessories and fabulous shoes and you’re all set!

Dress it up with statement shoes and a clutch for an evening out or dress it down with a pair of flats and sunglasses for a shopping  afternoon.

Make overalls look as modern as possible. Avoid wide neck, crew neck and baggy shirts.

Better to go for striped tees and crispy white blouses for those that would layer.

I wore a sleeveless one for a night out with friends.

Here is the look, and in case you want to be the denim diva all you got to do is jump to it with a denim jumpsuit!

Love x



Denim Jumpsuit – Guess

Shoes – Aldo

Bag – Louis Vuitton for Christian Louboutin


DSC03399 DSC03403 DSC03407 DSC03417 DSC03419 DSC03426 DSC03429 DSC03432


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Maxi on

Its scorching down with the heat in Nairobi lately.

And all that comes to mind for weekend dress code are light maxi dresses to stay cool in.

Maxi dresses are perfect additions to any wardrobe.

I am a huge fan of long dresses and when i set my eyes on this black one i couldn’t resist.

Its unusual for me to come across a maxi dress in black that i fall in love with instantly.


Its perfect for a hot summer days, with its open sleeves and the loose fit.

I love the way it falls on the body and the structure. The detail of sheer net on the back stood out for me the most.

Unusual animal motifs on the front make for an interesting detail.

Simple yet sexy and elegant with an edge.

Super easy to style with a pair of flats and a contrasting bag.

This was my weekend outfit of choice for a bday party.

Enjoy and maxi on!

Love and lite x



Dress – Zara

Flats – Aldo

Bag – Stella McCartney


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Leather Fever

The redundancy of some trends may be annoying at times but you know those trends we never get enough of?

The ones we never get tired of doing? Such is the case of leather pants trend.

Long gone are those days when this trend was a ” bikers only” and  a “rock chic” staple.

Today not only have we made it casual evening, but any season, any style any look appropriate.

Its  all about finding the right pair of leather pants with the right cut and style to fit your body type.

The key is to match them with a top and shoes to get that effortless polished look.


For me i think its the skinny leather pants style that works best.

Its easier to pull of, snugs in the right places, polished and makes it easier to play with shapes.

I like to pair leather pants with oversized sweaters, tops, tees & shirts.

Frankly anything looks good paired with sexy leather pants.


Not convinced? Slap on a pair and see!

Instant hotness, confidence and a sexy sleek vibe will be all over you.


Stilettos are my favourite to pair with these, but ankle boots, ballet flats, chunky heels and boots all add to the sexiness.

Be careful and avoid making them overly sexy. I mean they already are so balancing this should be key.

Play with shapes and layers, make it look effortless.

Please don’t do stripper heels, a super tight top and little leather jackets. It just isn’t classy.

Make sure it looks tasteful and fits your personality.

So will you leather pants it or not?

Heres my weekend look for drinks with a girlfriend.

Hope you like it.

Love and  Lite, Sonal xx



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Cape Companion

Ever want to release your inner Blair Waldorf?

The cape is your companion.

A cape is  a great piece of clothing that is timeless and perfect.

It gives a touch of elegance over any outfit you have on.

Styling capes shouldn’t have to be complicated.


Capes can be worn with jeans, a turtle neck and booties for a casual look, a leather mini skirt and heels for a date, or take a cue from the boys and throw on a mens button up and shorts.

Capes are undoubtedly easier to pull of with pants.

Don’t confuse these with ponchos. Because of the holes for your arms.

On cold days, they still give warmth without the bulkiness of a coat and are perfect for layering.


Give yourself up to its sleek lines and distinct silhouette as you flaunt the cape coat with sexy pizzaz.

Cape coats have different styles so choose a style befitting your personality.

Here i show you my latest buy from a fabulous designer “Kukoon”

This is how i styled my first look and i know ill be styling this many more ways in the future.

Enjoy and don’t forget to cape it!

Love Sonal x




Cape – Kukoon

Knit shirt – Zara

Jeans – Guess

Clutch & Belt – Louis Vuitton

Heels – “Pigallace” Christian Louboutin


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