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From the Tribal Chic 2019, with love

They call it Nairobi’s most glamorous event of the year, but glamorous does not even define the annual Tribal Chic event that goes down at the Tribe Hotel.

It is like Florence’s Pitti Immagine Uomo, but in one night. Or the London Fashion Week bundled in a night of an unforgettable five-star resplendence.

Fashionistas, critics, models, designers and lovers of life and its little thrills wait for it like us plebeians wait for Christmas.

Oh what a sensational night of the year it is.

Last Saturday, everyone stepped out, their best foot forward for 2019’s edition of Tribal Chic. It was like pages off an un-putdownable fairytale.

Yours truly was in attendance and took great pleasure in mingling, ogling at, and loving; the decor, the svelte and the chiseled models and most importantly, the breath-taking designs from a twaddle of fashion magicians.


Yours truly was in attendance and took great pleasure in mingling, ogling, and loving, the svelte and the chiseled models, the decor and most importantly, drop-dead breath-taking designs.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-08 at 7.19.31 PM

Me. A whole warrior with an outfit that reminded me to keep fighting, to keep shifting, to keep being uncomfortable, to keep swimming for the shore. A burgundy velvet top, a kitenge skirt, a neck-piece or burgundy feathers for equal measures and some Charles Keith Shoes.

I’m talking Fiona Kay who is riding the coattails of her successful, dreamy new collection “The void by Fiona Kay”, Hamaji the Nomad- an African Boheme designer whose designs borrow heavy nuances from Rural Kenya.

It would be sacrilege If I did not mention Deepa Dosaja who was at the show too, showing us exactly why this brand showcased at the Newyork Fashion week (NYFW).

And there was Katush by Katungulu Mwendwa, Moksh, Niku Singh and a smattering of other fashion talents who are on the come-up.

It was well-thought out fashion banquet for fashion lovers. Can’t wait for next year guys. Haha!

One of the designs at the show that I absolutely loved.

One of the designs at the show that I absolutely loved.

This year, the event that has stood the test of time so gracefully celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Tickets were sold out and the proceeds donated to Rafiki Mwema, a charity organisation that takes in streetkids.

Some of the kids are as young as 5-years-old. A good number have suffered sexual and physical abuse and are in dire need of a home and psychological support.

If you can, check out the charity oganisation here: Rafiki Mwema 

As always,

Love and lite,

See you in the next post.


Events, Fashion

Moet’s 150-year anniversary: My outfit

An ancient Greek Mosaic of a skeleton holding a wine pitcher that archaeologists recently translated reads: Be Cheerful, enjoy your life. 

So, live. 

Luxury champagne house Moet and Chandon celebrated their 150-years anniversary last weekend in grandiose, high-falutin’, excessive and totally incredible style  . It is what my son and his millennial friends would call a lit party.  In my  day parties were just “epic” or “in”.

But out with old, right?

So this is where it began:

One of my favourite make-up artists, All-in-the-brush was behind the face-beat and ensured I was dazzling on my way to the grand ball.


But before the face beat, this girl had an outfit to put together.  The dress code was white and gold.

My white top was from Zara and the Sari an old gold gem that has been sitting pretty at the furthest corner of my closet.  The shoes were obviously Louboutin but the confidence and the airs were all mine.


My sari, for the curious, was my representation of the Asian community in Kenya and a thorough  continuation of my Kenya-Indian (kendian) heritage.


The party was absolutely gorgeous. It was nice to be around the Nairobi High-society decked in their best tuxedos, gowns and shoes and wearing their best smiles.

Nice meeting you Janet Mbugua.

All rounded nice person and TV girl Janet Mbugua clearly did not come to play.


And neither was Lucia Musau.

And neither was Lucia Musau.

People twirled and danced and mingled and made merry.  Your girl has not had so much fun in so long.

The celebration, marked an impressive 150 years since the unveiling of the first ever Moet bottle- the Moet imperial- which first came around in 1869.

It was a champagne forged to pay tribute to the relationship between Napoleon Bonaparte and Jean Remy Moet- grandson of the Maison’s founder- go back to history class lads and lasses.

Over the years, the champagne has become a revered symbol of celebration and is present in the dalliance between Rock stars and movie stars, fashion icons and royals.

And there is nothing that unites people more than a good celebration. And good champagne.


Love and lite.



Fashion High Tea 2015

The Fashion event that begins the year annually held at the Zen Gardens has quickly become a household name in the fashion world with its now famous “Fashion High Tea”

Zen Garden is known for its prestigious and fashionable platform that celebrates haute couture and this year dedicates it charitable cause to ” I support my daughter campaign” aimed to educate women in the rural areas such as Samburu.

Zen Garden hosts emerging and talented designers, from local to international who showcase their select lineup of beautiful ensembles on the runway.

Honored to be invited to their fifth annual high tea, one can expect to be blown away by the magical work and craft in which these designers put their heart and soul into. Gorgeous models strut the runway adorning both local and international designer labels.

The attendance to the event has an entrance fee which includes fashion shows, beverages and bitings such as finger sandwiches, sushi rolls, pastries and desserts that will blow your mind away. Zen garden is famous for its amazing food and high tea is no exception.

Pop up boutiques give all fashion lovers a chance to shop all collections on the catwalk, and feed their fashion addiction.

As usual those who attended looked nothing but glamorous with ladies in dresses, sunglasses & hats and the men in smart casual attire. Everywhere you looked there was fashion and style all over the gardens.

Here are some of the pieces I loved on the catwalk.

Pinky Ghelani

Pinky Ghelani





Speaking of outfits I had two choices to choose from. Either a short peach dress or a long high neck forest print dress with a thigh slit.

I went for the not so common look and was happy to have stood out amongst the crowd. Fashion is all about comfort and  owning your own style. Make that work for you and letting others be inspired by it.
Dress – River Island
Shoes- Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120mm patent calf

Fascinator – Drop of a Hat named “Tamu Sonal”
Clutch -Riviera by Christian Louboutin

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Hope you like it!
Keep it stylish, keep it fashionable.