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A Christian Louboutin Haul

If you know me, you know that Christian Louboutin is my favourite fashion house  of all time. Of . All. GODDAM. Time.

I fell in love with the red bottoms way before Cardi B made them a viral catchphrase in her runaway hit Bodak Yellow. And way before I even signed up for Instagram for the first time some wild years ago.

These red bottoms are to me, what the wind is to the Ocean, what the rain is to Forests and what a Camera is to a Kardashian.

We go together, Baby.

So is my adoration for this venerable shoe brand that Mr Christian Louboutin himself has become not just a close friend but has also personally crafted a customized shoe for me. Straight from his magical hands. I will be writing about it soon. Stay with me boys and girls.


Just like a Cactus, I am ferocious and hot! Spiky from all angles and ready for any challenge.. On land and on water. It’s the warrior in me, soft enough to blow you away and dangerous enough to wreck a village. Don’t play with my spikes… Cus you might just get BURNED!

Shoe: Christian Louboutin Mechante Reine Pumps Clutch Bag: Vero Dodat in animal print by Chritian Louboutin

Shoe: Christian Louboutin Mechante Reine Pumps Clutch Bag: Vero Dodat in animal print by Chritian Louboutin

Is it Love… Is it Love… Is it Love… That I am feeling? Yes, even girls like me, dressed extravagantly, smelling like a million bucks and strutting the floor like Cara Delevingne do listen to a little Reggae time after time. Especially if it’s Love. And yes, Bob Marley, I guess it’s Love that I feeling.

Shoes: Love is a boot by Christian Louboutin

Shoes: Love is a boot by Christian Louboutin

Surround yourself with beauty, even when your soul is in a turmoil and your heart is a mess. And not just any beauty.. The shiny kind. The glittering kind. And if you can have some gold too, why not ?

Exquisite Gipsy zippered booties in romantic lace and fishnet in 100 mm by Christian Louboutin

Exquisite Gipsy zippered booties in romantic lace and fishnet in 100 mm by Christian Louboutin

Some phone calls are better made with a smile. By yourself. Away from the noise. And at a corner of your home. Because not all phone calls are about business or being bothered. Some are intimate conversations that light up the soul and warm up the heart.

Sonal Louboutin Haul 1

Some people like to match clothes. Others like to match their belt and shoe. Others like to match their watch and blouse. And others like to bag their hang bag and shoes. But I haven’t seen anyone that could match a shoe with anther shoe… In form of a tattoo. Of that same shoe. Thug Life.

Sonal Louboutin Haul 3

Walk with a purpose even when you’re actually going nowhere. Because, with the right shoe in ya feet, you may actually look like you’re going somewhere. And with this particular one in ya feet, all gilded and pristine, you may actually look like you’re walking towards your destiny.

Shoe: Christian Louboutin follies in milk while. Clutch bag: Vero Dodat in milk white

Shoe: Christian Louboutin follies in milk while.
Clutch bag: Vero Dodat in milk white


Love and (a lot of) lite



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Marlena Rock

Its almost, well a couple of months to festive season and what  better than to invest in a colour of shoes thats just that?

A beautiful patent Carmin pump that makes you feel like Christmas is around the corner and warm up the cold nights?

A soaring stiletto heel and slim, crisscrossed straps define a gorgeous pointy-toe pump grounded by the brand’s instantly recognizable lipstick-red sole.4″ a head turning vamp heel(101mm) (size 36) 1/2″ shaft.Adjustable strap with buckle closure.

Please note that the red lacquer on the soles will wear off as a result of normal use. To minimize the effect, avoid wearing these shoes in wet weather or on abrasive surfaces.

These are perfect to wear on a casual day out or to  a dinner with friends.

Pair with jeans and a casual top or a sexy dress, heads will turn.

If you have small ankles like me, you may need to add the holes on the strap for a better fit.

They run true to size and comfortable too.

This is how i wore mine for an evening out, and cannot wait to have more fun styling them again.

What are you going to be wearing during the festive season?

Id love to hear from you…x


Dress– All Saints

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Choker – Baublebar

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Sage Green

I love wearing a long shirt as a light cover up when the weather acts bipolar.

Nairobi has been sunny one minute and cloudy the next. Our African winter can be quite confusing this time of the year. Thankfully its getting much warmer and you only need a light cardigan or cover up to keep comfortable.

I bought this sage green silk shirt at a Zara store in London a few months ago and wanted to wear it with jeans, but then opted for a dress with fringe detail i had come across at a local boutique in Malindi.

I thought it paired beautifully with the floral detail on the back of the shirt.

Added a beautiful pair of So Kate in 120mm and i was date ready.

Since this shade of green compliments earth tones, i finished the look with a beautiful gold studded bag by Christian Louboutin for Louis Vuitton.

Here is the full look.

I hope you like it, xoxo


Outfit Details

Dress – Malindi Boutique

Shirt – Zara

Shoes – So Kate Christian Louboutin

Bag – Christian Louboutin for Louis Vuitton




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Inside Out

Remember the bralet top from the 90’s?

It is a cross between a bra and a cropped top.

Bralet tops are often cropped but can be long as well if they are of a corset design.

Floral bralet tops are pretty popular nowadays though you can find them available in all designs and types, lace,crochet,satin,denim,tribal,aztec,monochrome,etc

If you keep up with the Kardashian sisters you may already have spotted them rocking this trend.

I absolutely love this trend and how easy it actually is to pull off.

When you have a sexy one in your closet it deserves to be seen on the outside don’t you think?

If you’re bold enough you could pull it off on its own for a very sexy statement, but make sure it doesn’t look too provocative.

The options are many.

You can also toughen up a lacey one with the 90’s grunge look and pair it with a sleek leather jacket.

Mixing and matching will keep your look fresh and unique.

Wear this stunning little garment over t shirts or any top and you have an alluring, bold fashion moment.

Same goes for slip dresses this season.

Just layer over a basic tee and your fashionably fierce.

I think they look best paired with high waist trousers,skirts, shorts or even your daily skinny jeans.

A bralet will instantly add femininity and a touch of sexy for a date.

My advice, use it as a accent item and don’t bare it all.

It wouldn’t have been complete without Christian Louboutins MegaVamp in 100mm.

Here is how i wore mine.

Have a lovely weekend.

Keep it sexy, keep it fresh <3




Jeans – Zara

Top- Zara

Bralet- Victorias Secret

Bag – Chanel medium double flap

Shoes – Louboutin MegaVamp100mm

Cuff – Chanel

Bracelets – Cartier

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Stripe it out

Hey my loves,

Have you been keeping it stylish this week ?

I say, when in doubt stripe it out.

I always reach out for jeans when going for informal weekday lunches with the hubby.

My love for neutral tones is almost an obsession these days.

Ive been reaching out to earth like hues and it gives me a sense of  fuzzy warmth.

On this particular sunny afternoon, thats exactly what i chose to wear.

Basic look with a pair of jeans and a top.

To create a twist in my outfit i paired it with the perfect striped sleeveless blazer.

I love how stripes can completely transform an outfit.

Pair stripes with cool tones or even dare for bright ones.

As i said, When in doubt stripe it out!

To complete the look i opted for even edgier shoes.

My beloved “pigalles Spikes” in nude and a clutch from the very same hue, both by Christian Louboutin.

Here is the look, have a lovely week.

Love Sonal x




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Mega Vamp

Its no secret that i am an obsessed shoeholic.

When it comes to shoes my absolute favourite have to be Christian Louboutin red soles.

I do have a complete relationship with my shoes, each and every pair.

My latest love are these beautiful leather, Mega Vamp in nude, 120mm in height and very very comfortable.

They are a pair of fabulous open toe court shoes standing 120mm tall, featuring an ascending vamp that wraps around the ankle and ties with an elegant leather lace at the front.

These are very comfortable, so if you have been shying away from the pain that Louboutin shoes do bring with them, then this is your must have shoe.

Would i buy more of these in other colours? Def yes!

Mega Vamp boasts a 4″ covered heel and is made in Italy.

Here is how i wore these this weekend for a night out.

Go the extra mile in these, they’re definitely worth it!

Love Sonal x

IMG_0205 IMG_0214 IMG_0219 IMG_0222 IMG_0227 IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0249 IMG_0251 IMG_0254 IMG_0268 IMG_0276 IMG_0285 IMG_0289

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Sparkle with a hint of Denim


A Louboutin woman isn’t afraid to mix things up.

This is true in my case as i decided to stir it up with a white sparkly dress and my new pair of  So Kate.

She is a true beauty in dark denim and a patent white heel.

She stands perfectly at 120mm and her streamlined silhouette is no secret to Louboutins most notable designs.

This dark blue denim version has a cool contemporary look.

Worn best to elevate casual looks but I’m a risk taker so wore them this way.

Id also like to announce that we are very happy and excited as our fourth bundle of joy is on the way.

I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and so far have not broken into any maternity clothing.

Im definitely sporting a small bump now and will have to get those maternity jeans out as my waist slowly disappears 😉

I will be posting maternity and pregnancy fashion in the coming weeks, stay tuned.








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Still Grey with So Kate

Those who know me know that i am a fanatic Louboutin lover!

My recent purchase were these beautiful pair of “Patent Grey” So Kate 120mm to add to my collection of this style.

For all those who love Pigalle, So Kate still has a following just as devoted.

For every stiletto lover these are a must have.

Comfort on the other hand you may ask?

Every woman who knows her red soles will tell you that they are NOT made for comfort and are very painful. But i will tell you that they will look amazing and super sexy once on and thats what we are about right?

These are power pumps that will definitely make you feel powerful and ultra sexy.

So Kate, simply stunning, powerful, sky high and elegant, a must add to any shoe lovers collection.

Go on shoe lovers grab yours, thank me and Mr. Louboutin later…x