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Nude series

There is something so elegant about an all nude outfit.

Its fresh, its sophisticated, its classy.

Feels luxurious, everything that i stand for in an overall outfit.

It looks lush paired with gold and it ties perfectly together for an understated effortless classy look.

Here i am wearing a nude crop top and a high waist skirt that i absolutely love.

You can also mix and match these separates with white and black.

The perfect Giuseppe Zanotti gold heels completed this look for an evening dinner date.

I love how these shoes completely take this ensemble to a new level of sexy!

This is the outfit that turns heads wherever you go.

A little Kim Kardashian in style but oh well, I love her!

Have a fabulous weekend people and keep it classy.



Outfit – Custom made in London

Shoes – Giuseppe Zanotti

Clutch – Louis Vuitton

Neckpiece – Accessorise UK

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Inside Out

Remember the bralet top from the 90’s?

It is a cross between a bra and a cropped top.

Bralet tops are often cropped but can be long as well if they are of a corset design.

Floral bralet tops are pretty popular nowadays though you can find them available in all designs and types, lace,crochet,satin,denim,tribal,aztec,monochrome,etc

If you keep up with the Kardashian sisters you may already have spotted them rocking this trend.

I absolutely love this trend and how easy it actually is to pull off.

When you have a sexy one in your closet it deserves to be seen on the outside don’t you think?

If you’re bold enough you could pull it off on its own for a very sexy statement, but make sure it doesn’t look too provocative.

The options are many.

You can also toughen up a lacey one with the 90’s grunge look and pair it with a sleek leather jacket.

Mixing and matching will keep your look fresh and unique.

Wear this stunning little garment over t shirts or any top and you have an alluring, bold fashion moment.

Same goes for slip dresses this season.

Just layer over a basic tee and your fashionably fierce.

I think they look best paired with high waist trousers,skirts, shorts or even your daily skinny jeans.

A bralet will instantly add femininity and a touch of sexy for a date.

My advice, use it as a accent item and don’t bare it all.

It wouldn’t have been complete without Christian Louboutins MegaVamp in 100mm.

Here is how i wore mine.

Have a lovely weekend.

Keep it sexy, keep it fresh <3




Jeans – Zara

Top- Zara

Bralet- Victorias Secret

Bag – Chanel medium double flap

Shoes – Louboutin MegaVamp100mm

Cuff – Chanel

Bracelets – Cartier

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Choker Trend

Lets sigh for a minute! This style is absolutely fabulous!

Its bold, rich, sophisticated and elegant. Everything you want in a choker.

A trend thats been creeping back thanks to an overall 90’s resurgence.

If you will remember the thin or thick black piece of leather or velvet that is tied in a bow or not around the neck, that has the power of giving bit of grunge but also some sort of dark elegance to any outfit.

While black is the colour of choice, they now get fancier from semiprecious jewels to luxe leathers or really chic dog collars!

The thick ones are a major style statement whereas the thin ones are so sexy and feminine.

They look gorgeous with any outfit, worn on the skin or over some chunky knit sweater.

Even a basic denim jacket and t-shirt are upgraded with this personal favourite accessory or wear it to toughen up a feminine dress.

So can anybody do it, anywhere? I think so.

Wear it alone or use it as a layering piece with a long beaded necklace for a bohe’me vibe.

I also like the fact that the thin ones especially black instantly draw attention to the face, so its a style gimmick that can be played around with a lot.

You can wear your hair loose in beach waves or you can don a very polished look and it’ll be this great 90’s retro glam edgy mix.

Everyones wearing one this year, so are you ready to choke on a fab choker yet?

Grab yours asap as this tiny accessory packs on a major punch and turns even the most basic outfits into major style statements!



Kimono – Fashlore

Leggings – Zara

Top – Zara

Shoes – Giuseppe Zanotti

Clutch – Louboutin

Choker – Brandy Melville


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Biker chic

Its quite peculiar that we are at a winter season whilst the rest of the world are enjoying a summer full of sunshine.

Nairobi gets quite cold during this time of the year.

Going out means dressing in warm outfits to keep from being frozen.

Whilst many people opt for winter coats and sweaters, i like to pull out biker jackets to beat the cold.

Think of it like this, the biker jacket is your coat’s cooler cousin.

The thing about biker jackets is that they add an essential urban edge to an otherwise staid outfit.

Biker jackets were ubiquitous on the spring/summer 2016 catwalks, too.

They’re a great transitional piece and are key for layering with comfy knits.

Wear them with jeans, dresses, leather pants, the options are endless.

The tough girl touches are unlimited with this staple piece.

Here is a favourite suede one, and this is how i wore it.

Have a great weekend where ver you are, and if in Nairobi, keep warm & stay stylish.

Love Sonal x



Biker Jacket – All Saints

Knit– All Saints

Jeans – 7 for all mankind

Heels – Christian Louboutin “Pigalle Plato ”

Bag – Prada

Belt – Louis Vuitton


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I love love love the colour Camel!

Its rich looking and very sophisticated, versatile and a must have for any wardrobe.

Yet, despite its versatility and rich beauty, many women struggle with how to wear camel.

For shoes, Camel coloured shoes can be paired with similar family hues such as pink, blush, nudes, neutrals and or black and whites.

I feel like camel colour brings out neutral colours beautifully and it has a kind of “expensive look” to it.

Everyone can wear camel.

The secret to wearing it well is how it is worn.

While camel worn near the face doesn’t flatter everyone, there are ways to work around it if the color washes someone out.

It’s easy to know whether or not camel is a flattering color near the face. When it works it brings a richness to one’s coloring and when it doesn’t, it can make someone look pallid and washed out.

Here’s the beauty about camel, any color can be worn with it.


Camel is a neutral and, like black, can be worn with any shade.

I love Camel especially paired with dark green, whites and neutral shades.

I wore these gorgeous shoes in suede camel and paired them with my blush midi dress to soften my whole look for a girly night out.

Added similar tone clutch in warm beige and decided on a deep plum lip to add to the drama.

Here is my look, let me know how you wear this gorgeous colour.

Love Sonal x




Dress – Kardashian Kollaction

Shoes – Aldo

Clutch – Christian Louboutin “Riviera”

Lipstick – “Sin” MAC

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Stripe it out

Hey my loves,

Have you been keeping it stylish this week ?

I say, when in doubt stripe it out.

I always reach out for jeans when going for informal weekday lunches with the hubby.

My love for neutral tones is almost an obsession these days.

Ive been reaching out to earth like hues and it gives me a sense of  fuzzy warmth.

On this particular sunny afternoon, thats exactly what i chose to wear.

Basic look with a pair of jeans and a top.

To create a twist in my outfit i paired it with the perfect striped sleeveless blazer.

I love how stripes can completely transform an outfit.

Pair stripes with cool tones or even dare for bright ones.

As i said, When in doubt stripe it out!

To complete the look i opted for even edgier shoes.

My beloved “pigalles Spikes” in nude and a clutch from the very same hue, both by Christian Louboutin.

Here is the look, have a lovely week.

Love Sonal x




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Mega Vamp

Its no secret that i am an obsessed shoeholic.

When it comes to shoes my absolute favourite have to be Christian Louboutin red soles.

I do have a complete relationship with my shoes, each and every pair.

My latest love are these beautiful leather, Mega Vamp in nude, 120mm in height and very very comfortable.

They are a pair of fabulous open toe court shoes standing 120mm tall, featuring an ascending vamp that wraps around the ankle and ties with an elegant leather lace at the front.

These are very comfortable, so if you have been shying away from the pain that Louboutin shoes do bring with them, then this is your must have shoe.

Would i buy more of these in other colours? Def yes!

Mega Vamp boasts a 4″ covered heel and is made in Italy.

Here is how i wore these this weekend for a night out.

Go the extra mile in these, they’re definitely worth it!

Love Sonal x

IMG_0205 IMG_0214 IMG_0219 IMG_0222 IMG_0227 IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0249 IMG_0251 IMG_0254 IMG_0268 IMG_0276 IMG_0285 IMG_0289

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Black Track

Black slouchy jogger style trousers and a smart sequin collar blouse are all i need for those busy days running around with the kids and attending short events.

One such event took place for Mac cosmetics Kenya.

It was a informal demonstration on all things makeup making huge trends for 2016 by the very talented Marco Louis.

Observing from the makeup artists cool dress code that almost always is black all over the world, i decided to wear my all black relaxed yet cool outfit to fit in.

I learn new tricks on makeup and how highlight is all life right now.

I was pleasantly surprised by the goodies in the goodie bag that i loved!

Thank you MAC.

Heres my look, hope you like it.

Love Sonal x



Blouse – Label Ritu Kumar

Trousers – Label Ritu Kumar

Shoes – Steve Madden

Bag- Chanel Double flap classic