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Your sisters keeper

You sister’s keeper: A day at Heshima Primary School

A smattering of years ago, I was sitting in class at the Parklands Arya. The first of several schools I attended in my day.

I’m sure I had no lunch money because we never had lunch money or lunch for that matter.

Tough times and I know if you have followed me long enough, I have repeated

my growing up tales,  ad nauseam. Stay with me. Please.

Over the years, thankfully, life flips and empowering school-going kids, especially girls has been of utmost importance to me.

I know first hand how it feels to miss school every ‘that time of the month’ because none of your family can afford sanitary towels.

And I know first hand how it is trying to get through a Maths class on an empty stomach.

Earlier today, my office and I left for Heshima Primary School in Shauri Moyo for the first “Never miss a period because of your periods” initiative.

The school was very welcoming and opened the first of our many visits to come.

The school was very welcoming and opened the first of our many visits to come.

This initiative is my small ‘giving back ‘ to the community and is targeted at keeping girls in school. One school at a time.

It was all fun and games until they wanted to touch my hair and an innocent brush turned into a whole tug-of-war.

It was all fun and games until they wanted to touch my hair and an innocent brush turned into a whole tug-of-war .

The visit was eventful and after interacting with the girls on matters hygiene, sexuality and academics we donated a little over 1500 packets of sanitary pads.

Periods should not affect your periods.

Periods should not affect your periods.




WhatsApp Image 2019-05-16 at 6.05.51 PM

We will also be delivering dry foods and drinking water to the school to supplement their meals in additional to helping out exceptional cases in settling their school fees based on an agreed working formula with the school.

Hush, let me teach you a happy song, a song of my people .

Hush, let me teach you a happy song, a song of my people. Haha.

In the near future,  we shall  make it an open forum so that anyone who wants to accompany us can do so.

A special appreciation to the School Administration for welcoming us so graciously,  African Cotton Industries for supplying us with the sanitary pads and to Njeri Wa Migwi for being everything you are.

African Cotton Industries for supplying us with the sanitary pads.


Till next time;




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Go Green


Abundant in nature, green is fresh and fun! It signifies life and growth….Life captured in a colour, how can any girl resist!

Im loving everything in the colour green right now as you may have noticed from my Instagram page.

If you haven’t my handle is “Sonal Maherali”

All kinds of green have been exciting my fashion senses, from jungle green, sage green, parrot, khaki green etc

I think its a fresh and eye catching hue and especially looks great on olive skin, besides it makes me happy.

Its a colour you can wear all year long and still be fashionable.

Add gold to this colour and you have a very sophisticated jewel tone outfit.

Did you know that green is the color of the Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata? well, now you do.

Green, how i love you green!


Playsuit – Zara

Heels- Christian Louboutin

Clutch – Louis Vuitton

Choker – Baublebar






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Marlena Rock

Its almost, well a couple of months to festive season and what  better than to invest in a colour of shoes thats just that?

A beautiful patent Carmin pump that makes you feel like Christmas is around the corner and warm up the cold nights?

A soaring stiletto heel and slim, crisscrossed straps define a gorgeous pointy-toe pump grounded by the brand’s instantly recognizable lipstick-red sole.4″ a head turning vamp heel(101mm) (size 36) 1/2″ shaft.Adjustable strap with buckle closure.

Please note that the red lacquer on the soles will wear off as a result of normal use. To minimize the effect, avoid wearing these shoes in wet weather or on abrasive surfaces.

These are perfect to wear on a casual day out or to  a dinner with friends.

Pair with jeans and a casual top or a sexy dress, heads will turn.

If you have small ankles like me, you may need to add the holes on the strap for a better fit.

They run true to size and comfortable too.

This is how i wore mine for an evening out, and cannot wait to have more fun styling them again.

What are you going to be wearing during the festive season?

Id love to hear from you…x


Dress– All Saints

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Bag – Louis Vuitton

Choker – Baublebar

Christian Loubotin, Fashion, Outfits, zara

Sage Green

I love wearing a long shirt as a light cover up when the weather acts bipolar.

Nairobi has been sunny one minute and cloudy the next. Our African winter can be quite confusing this time of the year. Thankfully its getting much warmer and you only need a light cardigan or cover up to keep comfortable.

I bought this sage green silk shirt at a Zara store in London a few months ago and wanted to wear it with jeans, but then opted for a dress with fringe detail i had come across at a local boutique in Malindi.

I thought it paired beautifully with the floral detail on the back of the shirt.

Added a beautiful pair of So Kate in 120mm and i was date ready.

Since this shade of green compliments earth tones, i finished the look with a beautiful gold studded bag by Christian Louboutin for Louis Vuitton.

Here is the full look.

I hope you like it, xoxo


Outfit Details

Dress – Malindi Boutique

Shirt – Zara

Shoes – So Kate Christian Louboutin

Bag – Christian Louboutin for Louis Vuitton




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Leather pants

Leather pants can be so sexy and there is a pair that flatters everyone.

I love this particular one from Zara and it has the perfect hardware detail without looking too much.

They’re super easy to style with basic tops or bodysuits, add a killer high heel and you’re set to rock a very edgy look.

Have you tried these? If not i definitely recommend at least one in your wardrobe.

Leather faux pants have a very sexy appeal to them and I’m sure won’t disappoint.

I paired mine with my hubbies most favourite Loubies and a cross body Louis Vuitton clutch in silver hardware.

Here is the look.

Love and Lite xoxo

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Nude series

There is something so elegant about an all nude outfit.

Its fresh, its sophisticated, its classy.

Feels luxurious, everything that i stand for in an overall outfit.

It looks lush paired with gold and it ties perfectly together for an understated effortless classy look.

Here i am wearing a nude crop top and a high waist skirt that i absolutely love.

You can also mix and match these separates with white and black.

The perfect Giuseppe Zanotti gold heels completed this look for an evening dinner date.

I love how these shoes completely take this ensemble to a new level of sexy!

This is the outfit that turns heads wherever you go.

A little Kim Kardashian in style but oh well, I love her!

Have a fabulous weekend people and keep it classy.



Outfit – Custom made in London

Shoes – Giuseppe Zanotti

Clutch – Louis Vuitton

Neckpiece – Accessorise UK

Christian Loubotin, Fashion, Mega Vamp 120mm, Outfits

Inside Out

Remember the bralet top from the 90’s?

It is a cross between a bra and a cropped top.

Bralet tops are often cropped but can be long as well if they are of a corset design.

Floral bralet tops are pretty popular nowadays though you can find them available in all designs and types, lace,crochet,satin,denim,tribal,aztec,monochrome,etc

If you keep up with the Kardashian sisters you may already have spotted them rocking this trend.

I absolutely love this trend and how easy it actually is to pull off.

When you have a sexy one in your closet it deserves to be seen on the outside don’t you think?

If you’re bold enough you could pull it off on its own for a very sexy statement, but make sure it doesn’t look too provocative.

The options are many.

You can also toughen up a lacey one with the 90’s grunge look and pair it with a sleek leather jacket.

Mixing and matching will keep your look fresh and unique.

Wear this stunning little garment over t shirts or any top and you have an alluring, bold fashion moment.

Same goes for slip dresses this season.

Just layer over a basic tee and your fashionably fierce.

I think they look best paired with high waist trousers,skirts, shorts or even your daily skinny jeans.

A bralet will instantly add femininity and a touch of sexy for a date.

My advice, use it as a accent item and don’t bare it all.

It wouldn’t have been complete without Christian Louboutins MegaVamp in 100mm.

Here is how i wore mine.

Have a lovely weekend.

Keep it sexy, keep it fresh <3




Jeans – Zara

Top- Zara

Bralet- Victorias Secret

Bag – Chanel medium double flap

Shoes – Louboutin MegaVamp100mm

Cuff – Chanel

Bracelets – Cartier

Fashion, Guessepi Zannoti, Outfits, zara

Choker Trend

Lets sigh for a minute! This style is absolutely fabulous!

Its bold, rich, sophisticated and elegant. Everything you want in a choker.

A trend thats been creeping back thanks to an overall 90’s resurgence.

If you will remember the thin or thick black piece of leather or velvet that is tied in a bow or not around the neck, that has the power of giving bit of grunge but also some sort of dark elegance to any outfit.

While black is the colour of choice, they now get fancier from semiprecious jewels to luxe leathers or really chic dog collars!

The thick ones are a major style statement whereas the thin ones are so sexy and feminine.

They look gorgeous with any outfit, worn on the skin or over some chunky knit sweater.

Even a basic denim jacket and t-shirt are upgraded with this personal favourite accessory or wear it to toughen up a feminine dress.

So can anybody do it, anywhere? I think so.

Wear it alone or use it as a layering piece with a long beaded necklace for a bohe’me vibe.

I also like the fact that the thin ones especially black instantly draw attention to the face, so its a style gimmick that can be played around with a lot.

You can wear your hair loose in beach waves or you can don a very polished look and it’ll be this great 90’s retro glam edgy mix.

Everyones wearing one this year, so are you ready to choke on a fab choker yet?

Grab yours asap as this tiny accessory packs on a major punch and turns even the most basic outfits into major style statements!



Kimono – Fashlore

Leggings – Zara

Top – Zara

Shoes – Giuseppe Zanotti

Clutch – Louboutin

Choker – Brandy Melville