A tall tale of my ten tattoos

Canadian writer Charles de Lint wrote in the Mystery of Grace that; tattoos are the stories of your heart, written on your skin.

And honestly, no one could have said it any better. I feel like mine have made my skin more “me”, by painting out things I felt about deeply.

And yes, they painful but some people derive certain odd comfort from the repeated stinging of the needle.

Lets get this rolling.

  1. The rose and the dagger

My first tattoo was on my left arm. A dalliance between a dagger and a rose. I was around 19 or 20 when I got it. I might have been drunk because I got it during a night out.


The dagger was indicative of the experiences I had been through, pain, heartbreak and depression. The rose was the sliver of hope. Beauty in chaos.

The interplay also means, rather aptly, that despite being feminine, I’m not here to play!

2. The pouncing Panther

The second one was a Panther that I got at Yaya Centre in Nairobi. It was largely about power. It is on my right shoulder.

Sis was Black Panther long before Wakanda forever!


It was at a time that I needed to remind myself that I would rise above the chaos that was my life at the time. And I did.

3. A number for my darling mother

My third one was on my left wrist, a Hindi equivalent of ‘mother’. It was around the time I got my fourth child and also around the time my mum was diagnosed with cancer.

mother tatoo

A tough time. Stuff i’ll never forget.

4. My Guru

My fourth tattoo was inspired by my adherence to Shirdi Sai Baba. He did not believe in religion but humanity and his teachings are dear to my heart. It is on my right wrist and was done two years ago.


5.  A convenient one for the Mister

My fifth tattoo was done on my ring finger and rather conveniently, bore my husband’s pen name; AFM. It was done last year in October during his birthday when he flew to Mumbai where I was down for work.


6. A crown for the Queen

My sixth was a crown on my left hand. A reminder that I’m a queen. A stark reminder that no one defined who I am or what I’m becoming.


7. And another one for Africa’s Louboutin Queen

The seventh tattoo was inspired by my love for Christian Louboutin shoes. It was done in red and black. A beauty.


8. Self-Love

The eighth tattoo was on my right hand’s ring finger. It was letter S next to a heart. A reminder that the best love is the one you give yourself. Love yourselves, boys and girls!

self love

9. Of growth and butterflies

The ninth one was a butterfly on my neck rather hidden behind the mop of hair. Hi Kendrick Lamar fans?


The tattoo is symbolic of growth. From the egg, the larvae, the pupae and into the colorful butterfly.

Growth makes you beautiful.

10. Branding myself 

The tenth tattoo is of my logo. A lion face done in white. A reminder that I’m feisty and brave and powerful. Forever.


You can also watch a video of the same on my channel here:


As usual,

Love & Lite.

I will see you in the next post.

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