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Sonal Saree Lookbook 4
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Saree Look Book

Happy New month guys!

The Indian “Navratri” festival of song and dance just came to an end and Diwali is around the corner.

To honour this festival of lights i created a Saree Look book wearing my favourite Saree’s.

A Saree is a six yard of drape  that can be worn in different ways.

I think a Saree is a beautiful Indian tradiotional outfit that is both very elegant and sexy.

Every woman should try to wear a Saree in my opinion at least once in life regardless of ethnicity.

I really do hope you enjoy the looks below and I wish you all a very happy and a blessed Diwali.

Love & Lite x

Sonal Saree Lookbook 1 Sonal Saree Lookbook 4 Sonal Saree Lookbook 5 Sonal Saree Lookbook 10 Sonal Saree Lookbook 2 Sonal Saree Lookbook 3 Sonal Saree Lookbook 6 Sonal Saree Lookbook 8 Sonal Saree Lookbook 9

Sonal Leather Lookbook 5
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Leather Pants

Hey my loves!

I know, its been a while since I last posted but it just so happens that sometimes life happens and hence I have been super busy.

The kids are on summer break and travel has been hectic too.

Having said that I’ve been wearing a lot of leather pants!

I also did share a leather pants look book a few weeks ago on my youtube channel.

I love a good pair of faux leather pants to wear all year long.

They transition easily with any kind of top and shoes.

Because leather itself is a statement I like to style mine with minimal accessories and no fuss pairings.

These are some of my favourite ways to wear them. Hope you enjoy.

Love & Lite

Sonal x

Sonal Leather Lookbook 3 Sonal Leather Lookbook 5 Sonal Leather Lookbook 7 Sonal Leather Lookbook 8 Sonal Leather Lookbook 9 Sonal Leather Lookbook 10 Sonal Leather Lookbook 12


Sonal- Modern Desi 6
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The Modern Desi

I love creating fun modern outfits for my look books .

I was inspired by my trip to India very recently and had so much fun putting together these outfits.

Hope you like these and they inspire your modern Indian wardrobe.

You can find all outfit details on my youtube video below and also id love it if you subscribe.


Enjoy, Love & Lite

Sonal x

Sonal- Modern Desi 1 Sonal- Modern Desi 2 Sonal- Modern Desi 3 Sonal- Modern Desi 4 Sonal- Modern Desi 5 Sonal- Modern Desi 6


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Oversized in Blue

I happened to come across this beautiful blue, long asymmetrical shirt at Zara recently and i fell instantly in love.

I admit i do love long shirts and more so when they are in light colours.

I find them totally my style and love to dress them down or up depending on my mood.

Its not easy to find one’s that i love so when i actually do i go crazy!

I wear my white and black ones so much that is refreshing to find one in this hue.

Its very different because it almost feels like a cape.

It’s long flowy silhouette is dreamy yet elegant.

I paired mine with black jeans distressed at the hem, black heels in So Kate by Louboutin and a classic Chanel double flap bag.

To toughen up this look i added a layered black choker, a Louis Vuitton cuff and my favourite Celine sunnies.

I am wearing MAC Cosmetics retro liquid lipstick in ” So Me”

Long oversized shirts are becoming a staple in my wardrobe.

They’re fun, flirty, comfortable and elegant for every mom on the go.

Pair your’s with heels or flats, shorts or jeans, either way rock your style at ease!

Love & Lite x


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Sonal Valentines 5
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Valentines Look Book

Hey my loves!

This year i thought of creating 3 outfit options for Valentine’s dinner dates and specially dedicate it to my wonderful husband.

You can watch the video here or subscribe to my youtube channel where you will find many look books as well.

Enjoy these three outfit options and i hope they inspire you to go the extra mile this Valentines and make it super special.

Love & Lite x

Sonal Valentines 1

Sonal Valentines 2

Sonal Valentines 3

Sonal Valentines 4

Sonal Valentines 5

Sonal Valentines 6

Sonal Valentines 2

Sonal Valentines 3

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New Years Eve Edit

Hey my loves! As we come to the end of this year i put together an outfit look book on my youtube channel.

New years Eve is always the perfect time to dress up and usher fabulously into another year.

I feel like classic elegant dresses make a great style statement and you don’t have to limit yourself to a little black dress with tends to be the norm.

Hope you all had a blessed 2016 and may 2017 bring you happiness, love and light.

All my love,