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Mega Vamp 120mm

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Body Suit Trend

The Body suit is back!

That one piece swimsuit look alike? Or the onesie look alike? Yes, thats the one.

Don’t fear the bodysuit, this basic is your new best friend. You’ll never have to worry about rumpled, tucked-in tops again!

This is your next transitional outfit saviour.

The streets of fashion have been full of them, layered under everything from camisoles to sundresses.

I totally support a simple bodysuit-and-jeans outfit combo, it’s an easy layering solution that looks ultra chic and you don’t have to try hard. It cuts down your styling time to half and is a no fuss garment.

Ive been loving these basics so much that i have them in almost every colour and style.

Pair with jeans, a skirt, shorts and just about anything to take your look to modern chic.

Its the best top to go for for a seamless look at once.

Make sure to grab the right size for yourself or else you risk being VERY uncomfortable in the special places.

I personally like solid colours and some lacey ones but with so many styles to choose from this item is a must have for every woman on the go.

Go on, get the bodysuit!

Love & Lite x


Outfit Details

Body Suit – Bebe

Jeans – Zara

Heels – Christian Louboutin

Choker – Bauble Bar

Bag – Gucci ” Dionysus”


Body suit

Body suit



Christian Loubotin, Fashion, Mega Vamp 120mm, Outfits

Inside Out

Remember the bralet top from the 90’s?

It is a cross between a bra and a cropped top.

Bralet tops are often cropped but can be long as well if they are of a corset design.

Floral bralet tops are pretty popular nowadays though you can find them available in all designs and types, lace,crochet,satin,denim,tribal,aztec,monochrome,etc

If you keep up with the Kardashian sisters you may already have spotted them rocking this trend.

I absolutely love this trend and how easy it actually is to pull off.

When you have a sexy one in your closet it deserves to be seen on the outside don’t you think?

If you’re bold enough you could pull it off on its own for a very sexy statement, but make sure it doesn’t look too provocative.

The options are many.

You can also toughen up a lacey one with the 90’s grunge look and pair it with a sleek leather jacket.

Mixing and matching will keep your look fresh and unique.

Wear this stunning little garment over t shirts or any top and you have an alluring, bold fashion moment.

Same goes for slip dresses this season.

Just layer over a basic tee and your fashionably fierce.

I think they look best paired with high waist trousers,skirts, shorts or even your daily skinny jeans.

A bralet will instantly add femininity and a touch of sexy for a date.

My advice, use it as a accent item and don’t bare it all.

It wouldn’t have been complete without Christian Louboutins MegaVamp in 100mm.

Here is how i wore mine.

Have a lovely weekend.

Keep it sexy, keep it fresh <3




Jeans – Zara

Top- Zara

Bralet- Victorias Secret

Bag – Chanel medium double flap

Shoes – Louboutin MegaVamp100mm

Cuff – Chanel

Bracelets – Cartier

Christian Loubotin, Fashion, Mega Vamp 120mm, Outfits

Mega Vamp

Its no secret that i am an obsessed shoeholic.

When it comes to shoes my absolute favourite have to be Christian Louboutin red soles.

I do have a complete relationship with my shoes, each and every pair.

My latest love are these beautiful leather, Mega Vamp in nude, 120mm in height and very very comfortable.

They are a pair of fabulous open toe court shoes standing 120mm tall, featuring an ascending vamp that wraps around the ankle and ties with an elegant leather lace at the front.

These are very comfortable, so if you have been shying away from the pain that Louboutin shoes do bring with them, then this is your must have shoe.

Would i buy more of these in other colours? Def yes!

Mega Vamp boasts a 4″ covered heel and is made in Italy.

Here is how i wore these this weekend for a night out.

Go the extra mile in these, they’re definitely worth it!

Love Sonal x

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