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Sonal Best of HoCB 1
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House of CB Dresses

Its no secret that i love this brand, House Of CB which stands for House of Celebrity.

Based in the US and The United Kingdom, its famous for its sexy and figure flattering dresses.

I discovered them from social media as we do many things and fell in love.

They carry bold and statement pieces which i feel reflects my personal style.

I created a short look book on my youtube channel that was highly requested and i shall leave you with some pictures.

The bright orange dress is my absolute favourite. Take a look at my Youtube channel for all details on how i styled these stunning dresses and it would mean a lot to me if you subscribed!

Love & Lite x

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Sonal Valentines 5
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Valentines Look Book

Hey my loves!

This year i thought of creating 3 outfit options for Valentine’s dinner dates and specially dedicate it to my wonderful husband.

You can watch the video here or subscribe to my youtube channel where you will find many look books as well.

Enjoy these three outfit options and i hope they inspire you to go the extra mile this Valentines and make it super special.

Love & Lite x

Sonal Valentines 1

Sonal Valentines 2

Sonal Valentines 3

Sonal Valentines 4

Sonal Valentines 5

Sonal Valentines 6

Sonal Valentines 2

Sonal Valentines 3