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The six New Year Looks I’m currently obsessing over

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Doesn’t it feel like someone hit fast forward and we are just zooming past the year?

I can hardly believe that New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and my!  Am I excited for this one!

I have been in London with my family this year for Christmas in what turned to be the most magical decision I have ever made.

My main challenge right now is topping my Christmas plans this New Year’s Eve; but I think I got the fashion department covered so we are set to go.

So, first things first, the goal is to walk into 2019 as fashionably as we left 2018- which was a bawl by the way.

Here are my favourite and most deserving looks to usher in the New Year!

  1. Golden Glamour

Sequins were made for moments such as this. This little golden dress from Fashionnova is out of this world and made me feel royal to the core. I chose to pair it with a matching gold Louis Vuitton clutch and my clear spiky Louboutins blended right in. Top it off with statement jewelry from Outhouse and you are good for the night.

2. Elegant In Black

You can never go wrong with black no matter the occasion and this statement jacket from Fashionnova is just perfect to bring all the cheer to the room. I especially love the fluffy pink and yellow detail to it. Pair it with a nice pair of pearl earrings for that delicate, elegant touch.

3. Shimmer For The Season

My go to brand for this New Year’s Eve lookbook is Fashionnova and this little pink shimmery outfit tells you why. It is effortlessly chic and I love how it clings to the curves of my body. I chose to dress it up with a nude pair of Christian Louboutins to accentuate the softness of the outfit.

4. An All White Affair

If ever in doubt, go all white. Not only is this look pristinely glamorous, it will change the whole aura of a room. I especially love how my jumpsuit flares at the bottom adding to an intricate, beautiful design. You all know how much I love my pearls so for my neckpiece and my rings I chose to go pearly white. For that New Year’s look, my Christian Louboutin heels brought the glitter and the shine.

5.Pleated Luxury

Gold is the colour for the season so I was more than delighted to bag this luxurious pleated maxi skirt from Ritu Kumar. I love that it is long and flowy as it captures the magic in the air. The skirt pairs perfectly with a black bralette from Topshop without overwhelming the look. I adorned my neck with a crystal statement necklace and rings to match. My clutch is Louboutin and so are my shoes!

6. The Little Black Dress

You know the rule; a little black dress is a girl’s best kept weapon. So why not usher in the New Year in this sparkling little ensemble? I got this attire from Lipsy London and I especially love the little cut out on the back that adds a subtle softness to the look. The look is held together by matching shimmery silver boots from Steve Madden and a stand out silver chocker that I also got from Outhouse. My silver Louis Vuitton clutch works great to tie in the look together.
Do let me know, which of these looks do you think deserves the ultimate crowning for my New Year’s Eve look?!<amp-auto-ads type=”adsense”


5 things I’m currently head-over-heels in love with

Whoa! hard to believe that it is December already.

2018 was a whirlwind.  One moment it was here and the next, we were all taking stock and watching Christmas movies.

It was a rollercoaster and where I come from, we love rollercoasters!

Here are five items I’m currently loving and crushing on.

1.First on the list has to be these gorgeous Gianvitto Rossi shoes.

This strappy sandal in Syrah Red feels like a second skin,cuddles the foot with leather and elastics straps all over like a stable relationship, and looks like Royalty- because is a royalty.

Syrah red: Can’t wait to walk this regal pair soon

2. Close at heel is this pair of Louis Vuitton 18-karat studs in Rose Gold.

First of all they were a gift from the Mister. They go along with everything and are definitely a conversation starter.

3.Lamest Skin Genesis Serum

If there was a serum for the gods- and this is not a native ad campaign- then, the Genaissance de la Mer The Serum Essence takes the cake.

It leaves your face fresh, younger and vibrant and your wallet emptier.

Take my money Lamer.

4.Rajah medium shoulder bag

This leather green shoulder bag is sitting pretty on my 2018 pedestal of favourites. It is rustic and mysterious and brings back to life, the genius of Hattie Carnegie—a legendary 1920’s jewelry and fashion designer in that signature tiger head.

Good Job Gucci!

5. This now-out-of stock cotton tie-dye T-shirt from Gucci

This is a time machine. Sort of.

Thanks to Allesandro Michelle, I can now sit back and wallow in the glorious, rustic vibes of the 80’s in this retro-style motif tee.

Let me know from your end, what are you loving?

Remember, love people and use things. Not the other way around.





My curious Tribal Chic Outfit and the inspo behind it

Have you ever been at two places at the same time?

That was me last night.

The Tribal Chic- that glorious, yearly high fashion event went down at the Tribe Hotel on the evening of Saturday, December 8.

First, lets take a break to
take this in: The Floral Decor by Aura Events was ethereal and wondrously overwhelming.

And at its very heart was a celebration of identity; it was about loving your roots and embracing the uniqueness of culture.

Yours truly, being a fashion lover, this was the perfect opportunity for me to express my love for my country and my tribe.

Can I jog your memory a little?

In July of 2017, Kenyans of Indian descent were gazetted as Kenya’s 44 tribe – and what a way to celebrate this new becoming other than meshing the two cultures together.

I wore a Masabaguta- a tribal Masaba Saree that that tells a tale of my Indian belonging- and embellished it with Maasai accessories for that African twist.

Three shades of ravishing: I have always been a fan of the Masaba Fashion house where I got these  three wonderful outfits.

In respect to the event’s theme I wore my saree with tribal prints on it in a classic black and white colour.

A white crop-top underneath gave the outfit that playful yet elegant stand out look.

My beaded Maasai necklace and belt added the perfect pop of colour to my outfit.

My feet were decked in  my favourite pair of strappy neon yellow and black Jimmy Choos that matched my accessories.

The in-between: A little Indian with a little Maasai vibe thrown in for good measure.

My black Louis Vuitton clutch was the last ingredient in an otherwise,  tastefully-put-together outfit

I don’t identify as just one thing, and it was important for me that my outfit celebrated both the Indian and the Kenyan in me.

And it did just that and heralded the first of the many celebrations whose time was due.

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A tribute to my Father

Ive decided on my fathers 10th death anniversary I will now use my maiden name to honour him. As many of you know my father and I had a beautiful bond even though my parents were separated.  To me his legacy must live on and hence I have made this change. To read more have a look at the link here.                           

Daddy Love: Celebrated Kenyan Youtuber Sonal Maherali announces the sweetest surprise for her late dad

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Celebrated Youtuber and Kenya’s only self-styled luxury fashion icon Sonal Maherali has officially changed her name to Sonal Kotak in honor of her late father.

Her official social media account has since changed to ‘The Official Sonal Kotak’ while her Youtube channel which boasts over 45,000 subscribers will reflect the same change.

Stylish mother of four Sonal Maherali has changed her name to Sonal Kotak to honor her late dad. Photo: Sonal Kotak/Instagram

Speaking to this publication, the bubbly and super-talented mother of four said that it was about time she immortalized the name of her late dad.

“It is 10 years since we laid my papa to rest and the memories are still fresh, I feel as his daughter I need to honor him and with my pedestal the grandest thing is to still use my maiden name,” Sonal said in part.

The Youtuber who is married to her sweetheart businessman of repute, Aly Maherali, added that it has always been her dream to make her father proud by paying homage to her maiden name.

She now joins the league of renowned world celebrities; Beyonce Knowles, Chrissy Teigen, Diana Ross and Kim Kadarshian who still use their maiden names.

Sonal Maherali who is a self-styled shoe queen owns probably the largest collection of Christian Louboutins in the continent. Photo: Sonal Kotak/Instagram

In several of her vlogs, Sonal has previously attributed her rise from a humble home to a household name to the support of her family and especially her late dad.

She was recently awarded woman achiever of the year an accolade that reflects the years of, sweat, pain and tears that she has put into creating her luxury lifestyle empire.


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Grand Decorators

Grand Decorators, sounds so enormous doesn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly what it was. A huge launch of Christian Louboutin’s shoe collection this autumn at his Mount Street store in London.

When I received an invite for the launch by Louboutins efficient sales associates I was thrilled. Just like I always am when someone mentions shoes.

Like a kid in a candy store, full of excitement and energy ready to take it all in.

It was a beautiful evening, drinking champagne, nibbling on chocolate eclairs and savoury canapés.

A visual treat for any shoe lover.

I of course indulged myself and came home with quite the gems not from this collection as being Cinderella the shoe must fit.

Gifted with tiny feet and most of those sizes sold out, I carefully picked out the below to feed my fetish.

Milk white Verododat and follies have never failed me.

Add the allure and magic of Mechante Reign and a queen is born.

Shoe Love is truly true love.





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Joseph & Reiss London

Without a doubt my go to brands in London for statement and elegant sophisticated clothing.

Have a look at these stunning pieces and the jewellery I paired with each outfit that is available locally here in Nairobi from Poetic Trends.

Which one is your favourite look? Id love to know!


Fashion, Look Books, Outfits

Try on Haul from London!

I recently visited London over Easter and got my hands on some great dresses.

Here are some of my favourite dresses from Mr. Self Portrait, Anthropologie and French Connection.

I love such pieces because they’re forever classics and perfect for occasions or even dressed down for lunch or events.




What has been a wait for years finally is over!

I have always wanted a Hermes Bag, a Kelly or Birkin after all they are the most sought after luxury bags in the world.

I had many offers from pre loved sites and authentic websites that sell the same but I declined all these offers.

I had said in my Dear Hermes Youtube Video a year ago that if I would have one it would have to be only and only if Hermes themselves offered me one.

After all, buying and owning a luxury bag of this stature is an experience that I wanted to live.

Patience pays they say and here is my testimony that that is absolutely true.

While I and Aly were on vacation for our wedding anniversary in Vegas, The Hermes store in Bellagio offered us the bag. And not just any Hermes Bag.

They offered what is one of the best of Hermes bags in the finest leather you can dream of.

It now is not only a bag that I coveted but hold a special birthday and Anniversary gift memory to me making this a very special purchase.

The universe has a way of answering our calls and her it is! My precious Birkin Gold 35 in palladium hardware and barenia leather.

Love & Lite – Sonal.