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Christian Loubotin, Fashion

Meeting Christian Louboutin!

This has already been one of the best years for me!

I met the man I have dreamt of meeting for years on end. Its true that I am a obsessed fan of his creations.

Christian’s shoes have been my love for as long as I can remember and to dream of meeting him some day seemed far fetched to be honest.

Dreams are valid they say and I now reaffirm that statement every day of my life.

One evening I received an email asking me to attend a private shoe signing with Christian, at his Mount street store in Mayfair, London.

I almost fell off my chair! I was in total shock and elated.

So I began packing and I was off to London to meet the Shoe God himself.

I met him on the evening of my arrival and I can tell you that these were some most memorable fifteen minutes of my life.

We spoke at length about shoes, him visiting Africa, he also took a look at my closet and knew I’m a fan!

I can’t describe in words this amazing meeting and feeling. So I shall just leave you all with some pictures to look at and enjoy!

Love & Lite xx


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Sonal Gucci Belt 3
Fashion, Gucci

The Gucci Effect

Its no secret that Gucci has been one of the fashion houses that has taken a new turn overnight!

Thanks to current creative director Alessandro Michele.

In the fast-moving world of fashion, new collections and their copies appear every three months, and while the elegant tweeds of Chanel and stark coolness of Saint Laurent remain for the fashion elite, the rest of the world seems to be scrambling for Gucci.

Michele was promoted from within the company. But despite being well known within Gucci, having worked there since 2002 as head of accessories under both Ford and Giannini, he was virtually unheard of outside of it.

Fashion was suddenly about creativity again. Money no longer felt like the driving force, as pretty young things stomped down the runway seemingly wearing whatever they felt like. The message was crystal clear. Forget how much it costs, and wear what makes you happy.

Alessandro Michele has not just made Gucci the most in-demand brand in fashion; he has altered the entire fashion space.

Michele has also re-embraced the logo, resurrecting the neglected double G motif of Gucci’s 1980s heyday and reinterpreting it for a modern audience and hence the Gucci Marmont belt that I would love to share with you all in this blog post.

Among the Gucci Marmont bags I proudly own I bought this stunning pearl embellished belt from Mumbai Gucci store.

I thought of sharing a few ways styling this belt and also shared it on my youtube channel.

I find that it elevates any look to a grand outfit.

Hope you enjoy the looks and for outfits please do pay a visit on my youtube channel linked below.


Sonal Gucci Belt 1 Sonal Gucci Belt 2 Sonal Gucci Belt 8 Sonal Gucci Belt 3 Sonal Gucci Belt 4 Sonal Gucci Belt 5 Sonal Gucci Belt 6 Sonal Gucci Belt 7 Sonal Gucci Belt 11 Sonal Gucci Belt 10

Sonal Saree Lookbook 4
Fashion, Outfits

Saree Look Book

Happy New month guys!

The Indian “Navratri” festival of song and dance just came to an end and Diwali is around the corner.

To honour this festival of lights i created a Saree Look book wearing my favourite Saree’s.

A Saree is a six yard of drape  that can be worn in different ways.

I think a Saree is a beautiful Indian tradiotional outfit that is both very elegant and sexy.

Every woman should try to wear a Saree in my opinion at least once in life regardless of ethnicity.

I really do hope you enjoy the looks below and I wish you all a very happy and a blessed Diwali.

Love & Lite x

Sonal Saree Lookbook 1 Sonal Saree Lookbook 4 Sonal Saree Lookbook 5 Sonal Saree Lookbook 10 Sonal Saree Lookbook 2 Sonal Saree Lookbook 3 Sonal Saree Lookbook 6 Sonal Saree Lookbook 8 Sonal Saree Lookbook 9

Sonal Glam Vibes (Lehanga) 4

Gowns & Glamour

I recently bought three very glamorous outfits.

I knew when I bought these outfits they would be perfect for wedding season and other glamorous events that I attend.

Since I have been creating many look books on my youtube channel, I thought why not create this look book for you all and inspire you to feel and look as glamorous as I did.

I truly enjoyed all these three looks and felt like a complete princess.

All outfit details are in the video below.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend full of glam vibes only!

Love & Lite


Sonal Glam Vibes (Lehanga) 1 Sonal Glam Vibes (Lehanga) 2 Sonal Glam Vibes (Lehanga) 3 Sonal Glam Vibes (Lehanga) 4 Sonal Glam Vibes (Lehanga) 5 Sonal Glam Vibes (Lehanga) 6

Sonal Leather Lookbook 5
Fashion, Outfits

Leather Pants

Hey my loves!

I know, its been a while since I last posted but it just so happens that sometimes life happens and hence I have been super busy.

The kids are on summer break and travel has been hectic too.

Having said that I’ve been wearing a lot of leather pants!

I also did share a leather pants look book a few weeks ago on my youtube channel.

I love a good pair of faux leather pants to wear all year long.

They transition easily with any kind of top and shoes.

Because leather itself is a statement I like to style mine with minimal accessories and no fuss pairings.

These are some of my favourite ways to wear them. Hope you enjoy.

Love & Lite

Sonal x

Sonal Leather Lookbook 3 Sonal Leather Lookbook 5 Sonal Leather Lookbook 7 Sonal Leather Lookbook 8 Sonal Leather Lookbook 9 Sonal Leather Lookbook 10 Sonal Leather Lookbook 12


Sonal- Modern Desi 6
Fashion, Outfits

The Modern Desi

I love creating fun modern outfits for my look books .

I was inspired by my trip to India very recently and had so much fun putting together these outfits.

Hope you like these and they inspire your modern Indian wardrobe.

You can find all outfit details on my youtube video below and also id love it if you subscribe.


Enjoy, Love & Lite

Sonal x

Sonal- Modern Desi 1 Sonal- Modern Desi 2 Sonal- Modern Desi 3 Sonal- Modern Desi 4 Sonal- Modern Desi 5 Sonal- Modern Desi 6


Sonal Dear Hermés 5

Denim Kaftan

Hey my loves!

Hope you’re all doing well and having a great summer while we Kenyans are a little cold since its our winter. Well, false winter to be honest.

By that I mean its supposed to be cold this side of the world but its cloudy and somewhat sunny too.

Bipolar dressing seems to be the way to go too. Anyway since it is summer everywhere else I thought why not wear a floral denim Kaftan that I recently bought at Zara in Mumbai…

I wore this whilst shooting for an interesting video and subject on my Youtube channel. Ill leave the video here for those that would like to watch. I promise you its quite interesting!

Anyway, back to the outfit, Its a gorgeous blue floral kaftan with side slits and pretty oversized. I also paired it with my latest Gucci pearl belt which I have a huge crush on to cinch up that waist.

Needless to say it looked perfect and all I needed to add were the stunning spiral Gianvito Rossi heels.

I also added a Collier de chein cuff from Herme`s in the colour curry.

If id had the Kelly bag that I want for so long it would’ve made the perfect outfit but I shall wait for it.

My quest is out in the universe and until it decides to give it to me, ill wait 🙂

Love and Lite

Sonal x
Sonal Dear Hermés 1 Sonal Dear Hermés 2 Sonal Dear Hermés 3 Sonal Dear Hermés 4 Sonal Dear Hermés 5 Sonal Dear Hermés 6