If you’re in the fashion zone than you will be aware of the very sexy blush tones that are having many have a major envy for this style statement hue.And rightfully so.

Dresses, coats and shirts in particular got my attention this year and i couldn’t pass on not stocking up on this gorgeous colour and shamelessly filling my wardrobe with it.

And as always i do tend to over do it but whats not to love? This pretty pink hue will have you hooked in no time.

It happens also to be a favourite to pair with nude. Oh the magic it creates!

Perfect colour for bridesmaids and for the modern yet elegant woman.From office to a evening date look it’s perfect.

I featured three dresses in my latest youtube look book series and i can’t say enough how i love this simple and sophisticated tone.

Here is the video and do like share and subscribe if you like such videos. Thanks so much!
Blush is a hot trending colour for the remaining of 2016, so make sure to get your blush ON.





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