What has been a wait for years finally is over!

I have always wanted a Hermes Bag, a Kelly or Birkin after all they are the most sought after luxury bags in the world.

I had many offers from pre loved sites and authentic websites that sell the same but I declined all these offers.

I had said in my Dear Hermes Youtube Video a year ago that if I would have one it would have to be only and only if Hermes themselves offered me one.

After all, buying and owning a luxury bag of this stature is an experience that I wanted to live.

Patience pays they say and here is my testimony that that is absolutely true.

While I and Aly were on vacation for our wedding anniversary in Vegas, The Hermes store in Bellagio offered us the bag. And not just any Hermes Bag.

They offered what is one of the best of Hermes bags in the finest leather you can dream of.

It now is not only a bag that I coveted but hold a special birthday and Anniversary gift memory to me making this a very special purchase.

The universe has a way of answering our calls and her it is! My precious Birkin Gold 35 in palladium hardware and barenia leather.

Love & Lite – Sonal.



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