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Grand Decorators

Grand Decorators, sounds so enormous doesn’t it?

Well, that’s exactly what it was. A huge launch of Christian Louboutin’s shoe collection this autumn at his Mount Street store in London.

When I received an invite for the launch by Louboutins efficient sales associates I was thrilled. Just like I always am when someone mentions shoes.

Like a kid in a candy store, full of excitement and energy ready to take it all in.

It was a beautiful evening, drinking champagne, nibbling on chocolate eclairs and savoury canapés.

A visual treat for any shoe lover.

I of course indulged myself and came home with quite the gems not from this collection as being Cinderella the shoe must fit.

Gifted with tiny feet and most of those sizes sold out, I carefully picked out the below to feed my fetish.

Milk white Verododat and follies have never failed me.

Add the allure and magic of Mechante Reign and a queen is born.

Shoe Love is truly true love.





Christian Loubotin

Another Christian Louboutin Haul!

Where are my Louboutin lovers at?

I ordered two pairs of shoes from London a couple of months ago, but Aly had other plans when he visited London recently.

He was to collect the shoes for me from Louboutin’s Mount Street store but surprised me with some other beautiful presents.

I had been lusting after the limited edition Paloma in Denim adorned in pearls ” Loubinthesky” and that is what he brought me!

Wait! Thats’ not all!

Have you heard of the new “Loubikraft” collection?

A collection of coveted bags and shoes paying tribute the Louboutin’s vast history. Titled the “Loubikraft” collection, each piece is crafted and repurposed from kraft paper bags and shoe boxes, combining the paper material with the signature Louboutin red sole.

Perfectly on trend, the transparent plastic design is just right for the season. Emblazoned with Christian Louboutin’s iconic logo in white, the collection is simple yet eye-catching, in true Louboutin fashion.

Wait no more, watch me unbox these gems right here or visit my youtube channel.


Love & Lite,

Sonal x







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Joseph & Reiss London

Without a doubt my go to brands in London for statement and elegant sophisticated clothing.

Have a look at these stunning pieces and the jewellery I paired with each outfit that is available locally here in Nairobi from Poetic Trends.

Which one is your favourite look? Id love to know!


Fashion, Look Books, Outfits

Try on Haul from London!

I recently visited London over Easter and got my hands on some great dresses.

Here are some of my favourite dresses from Mr. Self Portrait, Anthropologie and French Connection.

I love such pieces because they’re forever classics and perfect for occasions or even dressed down for lunch or events.




What has been a wait for years finally is over!

I have always wanted a Hermes Bag, a Kelly or Birkin after all they are the most sought after luxury bags in the world.

I had many offers from pre loved sites and authentic websites that sell the same but I declined all these offers.

I had said in my Dear Hermes Youtube Video a year ago that if I would have one it would have to be only and only if Hermes themselves offered me one.

After all, buying and owning a luxury bag of this stature is an experience that I wanted to live.

Patience pays they say and here is my testimony that that is absolutely true.

While I and Aly were on vacation for our wedding anniversary in Vegas, The Hermes store in Bellagio offered us the bag. And not just any Hermes Bag.

They offered what is one of the best of Hermes bags in the finest leather you can dream of.

It now is not only a bag that I coveted but hold a special birthday and Anniversary gift memory to me making this a very special purchase.

The universe has a way of answering our calls and her it is! My precious Birkin Gold 35 in palladium hardware and barenia leather.

Love & Lite – Sonal.