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Sweater Weather

Its still freezing around the world.

Here in Nairobi its a little cloudy and rainy.

Ive had so many requests to create a winter look book and since I just got many sweaters from the UK, it was the perfect time to do so.

Sonal Jumper Lookbook 6 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 12 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 2 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 1 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 9 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 5 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 10 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 3 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 7 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 4 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 8 Sonal Jumper Lookbook 11


Sonal x



New Year 2018 Outfits

Happy 2018 my loves!

Another year another blessing.

2017 went by too fast with so many ups and downs.

I feel grateful for health, happiness and love, as I reflect back.

I created a New Years eve outfit idea look book on my youtube channel, please take a moment to watch & subscribe.

I wish you all a blessed and joyous New year.

Love & Lite

Sonal xx

Sonal NYE 8 Sonal NYE 5 Sonal NYE 10 Sonal NYE 2 Sonal NYE 7 Sonal NYE 4 Sonal NYE 6 Sonal NYE 3


Christmas Look Book

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you’re all celebrating this festive time with your loved ones.

Christmas is a special time to get together and be thankful for everything.

Its a time when we spend a lot of time at lunches and parties.

I created six outfit options for this special time to share with you all and hope it inspires you to some ideas for yourselves.

Merry Christmas, Love & Lite x

Sonal Christmas Lookbook 10 Sonal Christmas Lookbook 7 Sonal Christmas Lookbook 8

Sonal Christmas Lookbook 11 Sonal Christmas Lookbook 6 Sonal Christmas Lookbook 3 Sonal Christmas Lookbook 2 Sonal Christmas Lookbook 4 Sonal Christmas Lookbook 12 Sonal Christmas Lookbook 1 Sonal Christmas Lookbook 5