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The day a star was born!

On September the 9th 2015 we were blessed with yet another princess, angelic and beautiful just as I had imagined her to be!

Her pregnancy was not an easy one with my doctor prompting me to rest or else id end up having major issues.

I loved being pregnant and if you know me well I’d have another baby if I had my way.I had ups and downs which is normal in pregnancy with our hormones all over the place.

I gave birth, the fourth time via C section (fourth), a spinal block and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. My other three children were delivered while I was under GA.

It was all so magical I can’t express it in words. When I first heard her cry my heart exploded like any mothers would, they brought her to me immediately and I forgot all the noise in that crowded room.

I couldn’t believe she was there right infront of me, her little hand on on her head, her eyes twinkling, her skin so soft, had just seen what my star looked like and she was beautiful beyond words.I held her into one arm as the rest of medical pros continued stitching me up.

I felt nothing but pure love and my heart was so full for this little child who took our breath away.

Her presence that moment filled our lives with magic, more love and lite in a way only an angel can.

Ten days later my very precious Grandmaa passed and later my mom was diagnosed with Cancer.
It was all too overwhelming for me and my family. A new birth and saying goodbyes to other members.

Peculiar as it may sound, Eliyah has my grandmothers eyes. A beautiful grey tone that light up in the light.

This little child kept us strong and made me even stronger to know her birth in my life was one of a huge significance. I have spoken about this journey on my Youtube channel, if you’d like to watch it here is the link.

My mom, my sister and I flew to Mumbai for further treatment for my mom and although it broke my heart to stop nursing and leave little Ely back, I knew then I had to first be a daughter and then a mother.

Over the year we have travelled a lot for my moms treatment which is underway and each time I returned to Ely she was full of love and I saw strength in her sweet little eyes.

Over the last twelve months this little girl has everyone smiling. When you meet Ely you would know what a happy soul she is. She spreads love everywhere she goes. One year later she has turned one.

It was a celebration of strength, unity, family, love and our star Eliyah

I chose to wear a “mama and me” matching skirt to mark this very special day.

Here are the pictures of that very special day and Outfit details.

Love & Lite,

Sonal x

Matching Outfits – Custom made by Itty Bitty Toes
Shoes – Pigalle Follies 100mm
Necklace- Art Jewellers
Bracelets- Hermes H click enamel & Cartier Love bracelet
Watch – Bvlgari





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  • Reply Neelam Friday, August 18, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    So cool, coincidentally, my birthday also falls on 9 September. Excited already for her next one. All the love to the little one.

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