5 things I’m currently head-over-heels in love with

Whoa! hard to believe that it is December already.

2018 was a whirlwind.  One moment it was here and the next, we were all taking stock and watching Christmas movies.

It was a rollercoaster and where I come from, we love rollercoasters!

Here are five items I’m currently loving and crushing on.

1.First on the list has to be these gorgeous Gianvitto Rossi shoes.

This strappy sandal in Syrah Red feels like a second skin,cuddles the foot with leather and elastics straps all over like a stable relationship, and looks like Royalty- because is a royalty.

Syrah red: Can’t wait to walk this regal pair soon

2. Close at heel is this pair of Louis Vuitton 18-karat studs in Rose Gold.

First of all they were a gift from the Mister. They go along with everything and are definitely a conversation starter.

3.Lamest Skin Genesis Serum

If there was a serum for the gods- and this is not a native ad campaign- then, the Genaissance de la Mer The Serum Essence takes the cake.

It leaves your face fresh, younger and vibrant and your wallet emptier.

Take my money Lamer.

4.Rajah medium shoulder bag

This leather green shoulder bag is sitting pretty on my 2018 pedestal of favourites. It is rustic and mysterious and brings back to life, the genius of Hattie Carnegie—a legendary 1920’s jewelry and fashion designer in that signature tiger head.

Good Job Gucci!

5. This now-out-of stock cotton tie-dye T-shirt from Gucci

This is a time machine. Sort of.

Thanks to Allesandro Michelle, I can now sit back and wallow in the glorious, rustic vibes of the 80’s in this retro-style motif tee.

Let me know from your end, what are you loving?

Remember, love people and use things. Not the other way around.




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